The FayWorx web portal allows residents, contractors and businesses alike to apply for permits and inspections online. You will also be able to track the status of permits and inspections that you have submitted through the online portal for FayWorx.

Please watch the brief video for more information on how to create a log-in for FayWorx.


Yard Sale Permits

You do not need to create a log-in in FayWorx for yard sale, you can log-in as a guest at the log-in screen. Click for more information

Permits currently available for online submittal via the online portal for FayWorx are:

  • Building Permit
    • Commercial New Construction
    • Residential New Construction  
    • Residential 6 Month Electrical Inspection
  • Fire Protection Permits
    • Auto Paint Booth
    • Private Fire Hydrant
    • Fire Alarm
    • Fire Sprinkler
    • Stand Pipes
    • Tap Connection
    • Hood Suppression
  • Fire Storage Tank Permits
    • Install
    • Removal
    • Service Change
    • Test Pipe
  • Engineering Permits
    • Res Access Permit - City
    • Encroachment
    • Excavation
    • Sidewalk
    • Truck Route
  • Zoning Permits
    • Admin Adjustment
    • Clear Cutting
    • Floodplain Development
    • Outdoor Dining
    • Pushcarts - Food/Drink
    • Sidewalk Entertainment
    • Temporary Use/Event
    • Watershed
    • Yard Sale
    • Outdoor Merchandise Area
    • Pushcarts - Non-Food Type
    • Separation Check - Other
    • Separation Check-Grp Home
  • Planning Permits
    • Conditional Zoning
    • Initial Zoning
    • Major Site Plan
    • Rezoning
    • Special Use Permit
    • Subdivision Exempt
    • Subdivision Plan
    • Text Amendment
    • Variance
    • Annex (Non-Contiguous)
    • Annexation (Contiguous)
    • Historic District Certificate of Appropriateness- Major
    • Historic District Certificate of Appropriateness-Minor
    • Neighborhood Compatibility Process
    • Special Use Cell Tower
If there is a permit you are looking for and it is not listed above, go to the Development Services webpage at

Yard Sale Permits

Yard sale permits are $20. No more than 3 yard sales can be issued a year per address. Yard sales can be conducted for up to two consecutive days. All yard sales that are to be conducted during the weekend should be applied for by the Thursday of that week. You do not need to create a log-in in FayWorx for yard sales, you can log-in as a guest at the log-in screen. You will be able to pay for the permit online and the permit will be emailed to you the following business day.

Please note the following conditions for yard sale permits:

  1. Yard Sales are limited to daylight hours.
  2. Signs must be displayed in a conspicuous place.
  3. SIGNS:
    1. On-premise signs: 3 signs of not more than 4 square feet.
    2. Directional signs: 5 signs of not more than 2 square feet. Signs cannot be placed on public property (stop signs, telephone poles, etc…). They can only be placed on private property with permission of owner.
    3. Limitation of Time: No sign shall be displayed more than 2 days prior to the day the sale is to commence. All signs must be removed at the close of the yard sale.